Saturday, November 7, 2009

RV/Fishing trip with Grandpa and grandma

This September we took the boys down to Manti to visit Will's parents. Hunter has been begging his grandpa to take him fishing! So we had a spontaneous fishing/RV trip over labor day weekend! The boys ABSOLUTELY loved every last second of it! Rocks, dirt, sticks, more dirt, fishing, junk food, camping... a little boys dream come true! We packed all up the RV and headed up manti canyon somewhere...with no reserved place to stay...on labor day weekend...I tried not to have a panic attack. As we all know, I need vacations to be planned out. Will and apparently his family does not :). We ended up staying at Fish Lake. By some miracle there was still a RV spot left. So we set up camp there for the night. The boys thought the campground was awesome and went out exploring it. Then they "helped" build the fire. They thought it was beyond awesome to sleep in the RV with everyone. (Hunter informed us that we need an RV now.) We got up early the next morning to fish some more. Hunter caught quite a few fish and was pleased as pleased could be with himself! Ethan had fun running around in nature. Grandpa kept trying to tell him to be quite, not to run by the bank of the river, not to throw sticks and rocks in the can imagine how well that went...what do you expect from a 2 year old? :). Ethan and I slept on the way home, we were exhausted! It was DEFINITELY a fun camping trip with grandpa and grandma!

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  1. Two+ years later...Ethan and Hunter only had a fraction of the fun that Grandpa had!

    And Grandpa Green learned that when Hunter says he knows where there's fish...believe him! The German Brown caught minutes later proved that Hunter knows where the fish are!