Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hunter's Kindergarten Graduation!

Us with our little graduate! It's been a great Kindergarten year! Hunter loved his teacher and his classmates. He never wanted to leave school. He loved it so much! I hope he keeps his love of school over the upcoming years. He is very excited for 1st grade where he'll get to stay at school til 3:30pm and eat lunch at school (he's very excited to be able to do both these things). I had a great time helping out in the classroom! He loved learning how to read and is very good at it now. He also really likes math and science!
Hunter's kindergarten Class!

Hunter giving me the present for being a helper mom!

They had so many cute songs they sang!

Hunter got two parts in the program, his first line was for the letter M. It was," M is for the mom's who help in our class, will you please stand up now and take a bow!" Then he gave me a present since I'm a helper mom. His next line was,"Y is for yesterday. It seems like only yesterday we started kindergarten!" It did so good and wasn't even nervous!

Ethan decided to watch the whole program on the floor

Hunter receiving his diploma from his teacher!

Hunter with his friend Landon, sporting their diplomas! I have no idea why Hunter can't smile normal!

Hunter and his teacher, Mrs. Wood

Hunter and his friend Emerson eating graduation cake!