Friday, October 15, 2010

We are so excited to announce...we are having a GIRL! We waited a long time for this little one and even longer for this girl! Everyone in the family is thrilled! We love her already and can't wait to get to hold and spoil her! We have pretty much decided to name her Katelyn and have her go by Kate. We don't have a middle name yet, we use a family name and are still working on it. Did I mention I can't wait for her to get here!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hunter's 1st day of First Grade!

My first grader! I can't believe it!
He wanted a school T-shirt, mostly because the mascott is a dragon! He was so excited about it, he wanted to wear the first day of school. He actually wanted to wear the 2nd day, but I made him change!

Hunter and his Mommy (13 weeks pregnant)

Hunter was so excited for school to start! I'm so glad he loves school. We got to meet his teacher at back to school night and see his classroom. He's teacher's name is Miss Oliekan. He loves getting to eat school lunch and being at school all day. His favorite day so far are Friday's. Friday's in his class are Fairy Tale Friday's. Every Friday a new fairy tale is taught. This week it was Little Red Riding Hood. He got to make a flannel board story board of it. He thought it was the coolest thing! He can't wait for next Friday to see what the fairy tale is.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hunter's Kindergarten Graduation!

Us with our little graduate! It's been a great Kindergarten year! Hunter loved his teacher and his classmates. He never wanted to leave school. He loved it so much! I hope he keeps his love of school over the upcoming years. He is very excited for 1st grade where he'll get to stay at school til 3:30pm and eat lunch at school (he's very excited to be able to do both these things). I had a great time helping out in the classroom! He loved learning how to read and is very good at it now. He also really likes math and science!
Hunter's kindergarten Class!

Hunter giving me the present for being a helper mom!

They had so many cute songs they sang!

Hunter got two parts in the program, his first line was for the letter M. It was," M is for the mom's who help in our class, will you please stand up now and take a bow!" Then he gave me a present since I'm a helper mom. His next line was,"Y is for yesterday. It seems like only yesterday we started kindergarten!" It did so good and wasn't even nervous!

Ethan decided to watch the whole program on the floor

Hunter receiving his diploma from his teacher!

Hunter with his friend Landon, sporting their diplomas! I have no idea why Hunter can't smile normal!

Hunter and his teacher, Mrs. Wood

Hunter and his friend Emerson eating graduation cake!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Night of FUN!!

I was feeling like I hadn't seen my sister Sheyene in a while and was having withdrawals! So I decided to entice her over with a night of fun! We made desserts and played rock band! We made muddy buddies and snicker doodles and I had stuff for Oreo shakes and root beer floats (but we were too sick for that!) This first picture was just funny because Ethan wanted a frozen pizza for dinner but didn't want me to cook it! He likes to eat some of it frozen, he's a weird kid! The night was exactly what I wanted it to be....FUN with my family!!
Sheybe and her Hunter-bear getting ready for FUN!

I love when they hug each other like this!

HAHA! they are concentrating so hard on measuring everything right for muddy buddies!

Ethan and I made the snicker doodles. I measured everything out into bowls and then he dumped it all in. They love to help me cook....and I love that they love to help me cook....most of the time ;)

Sheybe and Hunter made muddy buddies! She was impressed I just had all the stuff on hand! Of course I have stuff for treats on hand! Hunter wasn't sure about them at first because they have peanut butter in them...but he ended up LOVING them!

They loved getting to shake up the mix in the powdered sugar!

Ethan's face cracks me up!!! Shaking the bag is a whole body experience!

Will and Sheybe mostly played rock band! I just like to listen to the songs and watch Will's awesome skills! He plays on expert and is amazing to watch! Hunter and I did sing for a little bit.

Sierra surprised us and showed up!!! She was jealous of all our fun!!HAHA ! She should be! It was awesome!

The end result of the snicker doodle making! They were REALLY tasty!
All in all it was a really fun night and I love my sisters SO MUCH! I'm so glad I have a house I can invite them over to and it has the room to have FUN!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Break!!

I wanted my kids to have a good spring break, so we tried to do lots of fun things!! It was cold and rainy for most of the days, which was too bad:( but we still managed to do some fun things in there! We went to see "how to train your dragon" the boys LOVED LOVED it and have been talking about it ever since! Ethan keeps asking to watch the dragon show, I guess he doesn't quite understand the movie theater. We also went to the park with two of my sisters, it was so much fun for the kids and me! I LOVE hanging out with my family, it really can just make my day! Love you guys :) We also went swimming with some of the cousins from Will's side. We had a really fun park day scheduled for Liberty park in Salt Lake, but it was too cold and windy...the pool ended up really fun for the kids. We went to Lagoon on saturday as well. It was WAY fun and Will got to come with us! I love when he can do stuff with us, he's usually working during our fun outings! All in all it was a FABULOUS spring break! Ps..Lagoon pictures will have to come another day...gotta upload the pictures still...!

Natural little fishys!

We went to discovery Park in Pleasant Grove, we
love it there!

Ethan in the "spaceship" he loved it there!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Get your game face on!!!!

They love playing the Wii together! Their facial expressions crack me up. It's hilarious to watch. They get SO into it!

They are playing Raving Rabbids 2. It's this game where you are these weird bunny creatures doing all sorts of silly games. I can't decide which is funnier the games or watching them!

I love it when they play so nice together!

How late is too late to post something? Hopefully never right! I would try to pass these pictures off as more recent, but the Chrsitmas tree in the backround is a give away! Although these were taken in the middle of January!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hunter's Birthday---I'm a slacker..I know!

Hunter unwrapping all his cool gifts!

Ski ball is one of Hunter's favorite games to play at chuck-e-cheese!

This blonde cuttie is the famous Madison, Hunter has made plans to marry when he's older, hehehe! They've known each other since they were a year old!

We had a Chuck-e-cheese birthday party for him! He loves that place. He invited friends from school, cousins, and friends he's had for a long time! It was so much fun! I can't believe he's 6 already! Thanks to everyone who came and for the great presents! He's loved them all!