Sunday, April 5, 2009

Snortin noodles!

At dinner last night Ethan decided to shove egg noodles up his nose! Will tried to pull out what he could with tweezers and a light (he pulled out 4 pieces or so). We could still see more way up in his nose, so I took him to an insta-care. Never once did he complain about the noodles being uncomfortable or bothering him in any way. In fact, when we walked in the door to the insta-care he promptly told the receptionist, "Noodles me nose!" He was smiling ear to ear, so proud of what he'd done! The doctor used special tweezers and a special light and pulled out 3 more, making 7 total! These are one of the great moments of having a toddler! Gotta love him!

Hunter and Ethan being "best buddies". I tried to upload the video we took, but I think the file was too big. It was really cute, Hunter sang, "Follow the Prophet", his favorite primary song. They we both sitting in a laundry basket I had with blankets, pillows, and their stuffed puppies! Hunter's aunt Sheyene took him to make a puppy at build-a-bear for Christmas. He loves that puppy! He takes it every where. He named it "Brown shigar puppy" (he can't pronounce sugar very well!) I love when they play so nice together!

Ethan enjoying some ice-cream, which he calls "cream"! This and Popsicles are his favorite treats!

Friday, April 3, 2009

me and the boys at our house christmas morning.

Ethan on Christmas morning at grandma and grandpas'.