Monday, May 31, 2010

Night of FUN!!

I was feeling like I hadn't seen my sister Sheyene in a while and was having withdrawals! So I decided to entice her over with a night of fun! We made desserts and played rock band! We made muddy buddies and snicker doodles and I had stuff for Oreo shakes and root beer floats (but we were too sick for that!) This first picture was just funny because Ethan wanted a frozen pizza for dinner but didn't want me to cook it! He likes to eat some of it frozen, he's a weird kid! The night was exactly what I wanted it to be....FUN with my family!!
Sheybe and her Hunter-bear getting ready for FUN!

I love when they hug each other like this!

HAHA! they are concentrating so hard on measuring everything right for muddy buddies!

Ethan and I made the snicker doodles. I measured everything out into bowls and then he dumped it all in. They love to help me cook....and I love that they love to help me cook....most of the time ;)

Sheybe and Hunter made muddy buddies! She was impressed I just had all the stuff on hand! Of course I have stuff for treats on hand! Hunter wasn't sure about them at first because they have peanut butter in them...but he ended up LOVING them!

They loved getting to shake up the mix in the powdered sugar!

Ethan's face cracks me up!!! Shaking the bag is a whole body experience!

Will and Sheybe mostly played rock band! I just like to listen to the songs and watch Will's awesome skills! He plays on expert and is amazing to watch! Hunter and I did sing for a little bit.

Sierra surprised us and showed up!!! She was jealous of all our fun!!HAHA ! She should be! It was awesome!

The end result of the snicker doodle making! They were REALLY tasty!
All in all it was a really fun night and I love my sisters SO MUCH! I'm so glad I have a house I can invite them over to and it has the room to have FUN!

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