Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Best friends for life!

Hunter and Ethan had to find ways to occupy themselves while we packed up our house! Will had sort of adopted a neighborhood cat (mostly cause he kept feeding it!). The boys just loved it. Ethan's hands are by his body like this because Will kept telling me not to pick the cat up anymore! He kept trying to carry it around, but we were afraid it might bite him. He kept his hands like this to help resist his urge to hold the kitty! The sequence of pictures on the stairs are my favorite! This is so how it goes!!! One minute they are best friends and the next they have been banned to seperate rooms of the house so I can keep my sanity from the fighting! And they show CLASSIC Hunter "looks" when he doesn't want to do something. It was our fist real day at our apartment and Will was trying to get some pictures. Hunter didn't want to like Ethan right then, then finally he came around! Gotta love being a mom! Most of the time they really are best friends. Ethan follows Hunter everywhere, copying and playing everything he does. Hunter loves it most of the time. Ethan wants to be like his big brother so bad!! Oh man!!! I just love my boys SO MUCH!!!


  1. oh my heavens i love my boys so much!!!! they make me so happy!!! and also they make me sad because tell them to stop growing up so big....

  2. Cute, cute! I love that first picture of them with their cute little smiles!!!