Monday, March 30, 2009

Little family Update

Yep, sorry! Ya'll have to deal with the purple! I'm way out numbered by boys around here, I gotta feel girly sometimes! Again, sorry to those we see semi-often, this may not be so interesting to you. We still (and unfortunatley) live in Eagle Mountain! We are still trying to find someone to buy our house. We are ALL sick of driving. Will is working for a company called Softwise, he's with the IT department. He no longer "tests" software which was news to me. See even after seven years, I'm still learning things. Oh, and I recently discoverd he likes peas on his salad! I never knew that, and I LOVE peas on my salad. I am currently working for Utah County doing the childcare side of a substance abuse facility in Spanish Fork. It's still part time and I still can bring the boys with me. However, I probably will be done working in September when Hunter starts Kindergarten. I also teach a 7 week parenting course at the treatment center and I ABSOLUTELY love it. Child Development and child discipline are subjects I could go on and on about. Our two boys keep me going constantly. When the play nice together, it melts my heart! They love each other so much! Hunter is 5 and very anxiously waiting Kindergarten! He loves being grown-up. He is very smart, he recently scored 136 on his IQ test! He really wants to learn to read and practices all the time. He's mostly taught himself to do some basic addition. He has an amazing memory and NEVER forgets anything! He has been diagonosed with sensory processing disorder. Basically his senses are hyper-sensitive. Touch is the most sensitive. He goes to see an occupational therpist. She is awesome and has given Hunter (and me) some hope and light and the end of the tunnel. For those who don't know what this is, the best way to discribe it is: you know that adrenline rush you get if a bug or something crawls across you? This is the sensation Hunter gets every 10 minutes or so. It makes clothes unbearable at times and new sensations such as uninvited contact with substances (wet, sticky, etc) intolerable. Anyway, we are working on it and are going to get through it! He is such a joy to have and I LOVE hearing how he is interpreting the world around him. He loves playing his DS and is pretty good at it. He is also very good at art and loves to make things and hang them up in his room. Ethan...Ethan is a typical 2 year old. Never a dull minute. He's on a constant GO! I love this age! 2's really are my favorite! He's talking in sentences now and it's so cute. My favorite's are "I love you", "I na like it" (I don't like it) "I na want it", "Sit me, mommy!", "hum on" (Come on, as he's leading you somewhere). Sure he throws his tantrumns and thinks the world belongs to him, but that's the age. I just enjoy it, they aren't little forever! I really love being a mommy and the chance I've been given to raise and teach these precious boys. Everyday is a new adventure. Back to Will and I for a sec, currently our callings are; Will is the financial clerk, I teach the 9-10 year old Activity days, and we both teach sunbeams. Until next time!


  1. Hi Summer!!! Happy new blog! Hooray! Glad to hear you are doing well!
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    Can you believe I have 4 kids now?? Me neither! But I wouldn't change it for the world.

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